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By Ted Janssen, Gervais Chapuis, Marc de Boissieu

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Until eventually the Seventies all fabrics studied consisted of periodic arrays of unit cells, or have been amorphous. within the final a long time a brand new type of good kingdom topic, referred to as aperiodic crystals, has been chanced on. it's a lengthy diversity ordered constitution, yet with no lattice periodicity. it truly is present in quite a lot of fabrics: natural and anorganic compounds, minerals (including a considerable component to the earths crust), and steel alloys, below a variety of pressures and temperatures. a result of loss of periodicity the standard ideas for the research of constitution and actual houses now not paintings, and new concepts need to be constructed. This booklet bargains with the characterisation of the constitution, the constitution decision and the examine of the actual houses, specifically dynamical and digital houses of aperiodic crystals. The therapy is predicated on an outline in an area with extra dimensions than 3, the so-called superspace. this permits us to generalise the traditional crystallography and to appear otherwise on the dynamics. the 3 major sessions of aperiodic crystals, modulated stages, incommensurate composites and quasicrystals are handled from a unified viewpoint, which stresses similarities of many of the structures. The booklet assumes as a prerequisite a data of the basic concepts of crystallography and the idea of condensed topic, and covers the literature on the vanguard of the sphere.

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If the functions Uj have several Fourier components expressible in a number of basic modulation vectors as q = J^m hmqm, the expression for the Fourier transform p becomes a sum of Bragg peaks at positions belonging to the Fourier module spanned by the basis vectors a* of the reciprocal lattice of the basic structure and the vectors q in the Fourier transform of the periodic modulation. Therefore, Because we want to deal also with one- or two-dimensional aperiodic crystals, we consider a more general case.

The intensity distribution had the symmetry of an icosahedron, a point group not allowing lattice periodicity in three-dimensional space. The coherent domains were at that time still very small (of the order of 50 /xm) . The discovery led at first to a controversy between scientists who believed that what was observed was due to twinning, and those who thought that the material at that time was not ideal, but that an ideal aperiodic but well-ordered phase would be possible. Aperiodicity was already known from incommensurate phases.

10. The first is the spectrum of a sinusoidally modulated crystal, the second that of the Fibonacci chain. The first shows main reflections and satellites. Starting from the origin the intensity of the satellites increases, that of the main reflections decreases. For the Fibonacci chain it is more difficult to see main reflections, because, considered as modulated phase, it has a large amplitude. Both spectra are of rank 2, and the basis vectors may be considered as projections of 2D (two-dimensional) reciprocal lattice vectors.

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