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The making of farm-yard manure is the weakest link in the agriculture of Western countries. For centuries this weakness has been the fundamental fault of Western farming, one completely overlooked by many observers and the great majority of investigators. Dustbin refuse. Practically no agricultural use is now being made of the impure cellulose and kitchen wastes which find their way into the urban dustbin. These are mostly buried in controlled tips or burnt. Animal residues. A number of wastes connected with the processing of food and some of the raw materials needed in industry are utilized on the land and find a ready market.

Where wood ashes, limestone, or chalk are not available, earth can be used by itself. Slaked lime can also be employed, but it is not so suitable as the carbonate. Quicklime is much too fierce a base. 4. Water and Air. Water is needed during the whole of the period during which humus is being made. Abundant aeration is also essential during the early stages. If too much water is used the aeration of the mass is impeded, the fermentation stops and may soon become anaerobic too soon. If too little water is employed the activities of the micro-organisms slow down and then cease.

It is more than probable that this must prove to be the case. Are these digestion products at the root of disease resistance and quality? It would appear so. If this is the case it would follow that on the efficiency of this mycorrhizal association the health and well-being of mankind must depend. In a fertile soil the soil and the plant come into gear in two ways simultaneously. In establishing and maintaining these contacts humus is essential. It is therefore a key material in the life cycle.

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