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By G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

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American Microelectronics info Annual 1964-65 offers entire details on varied microelectronics on hand within the U.S.

summary: American Microelectronics information Annual 1964-65 offers entire details on various microelectronics on hand within the U.S

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Fig. 6. Memory Plane Assembly, Type BIP-1 000. Mag netic And Electrical C h a racte ristics The storage elements in the thin film plane are planar Ni-Fe films 2000 angstroms thick. 5 Oersteds Recommended Operating Conditions: 1 megacycle operation Word Drive Current = 1 amp. Information Current = ±200 ma. Sense Output Signal = 5 mV ( with word drive current of t amp. 05 µ,sec rise time ) 5. Waveforms - Word Drive (Top ) , Information ( Middle) And Sense Signal ( Bottom ) . PROD UCT I N FORMATION There are presently two types of Thin Film Memory Planes commercially available.

02 to 10 sq. ; in general, couplate PEC's are 1Jk" thick, including Ourez coatings. No particular size limUs are set for cube shapes and other form factors; tfiese are designed ond tooled on individuol merits. As a rule of thumb, minia­ turization beyond actual needs adds unnecessarily to the cost of the finished component. This PEC unit is a 1 KC tone generator for a military communications application. Contents: one transistor. four resistors, two capacitors. PEC Sales ond En"gineering Deportments will gladly offer their consulting and design services to propose integrated circuits precisely suited to your product.

4. Simplified Conductor Arrangement. Fig. 4 shows the conductor arrangement in a simplified 4 x 3 bit memory plane. The conductors loop around the thin film substrates so that each conductor acts similarly to a single turn solenoid. The word lines are 20 mils wide. The information line is split in two parallel lines on 50 mil centers. Each line is 20 mils wide and the over-all width is 70 mils. This leaves a gap of 30 mils between the two information lines. The t 0 mil wide sense line lies in the middle between the two parallel information lines.

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