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D o River W. r Ohi Va. Kans. Mo. Md. Ky. C. Va. Okla. Ark. Tenn. ALAC a PP Pl Ala. A ATLANTIC c nti a tl A OCEAN Miss. C. Ga. in a l Fla. lf P Gu La. at P Gre PACIFIC OCEAN S. Dak. Wyo. do L. N. Dak. Minn. Utah r ve Colo. Ri Colora Calif. 3. Tell about some of the problems with mapping the earth. 4. Describe the difference between a plain and a plateau. Idaho AINS UNT 2. List the physical characteristics of a region geographers use to describe it. Nev. Mont. MO 1. Name the kinds of historical information absolute and relative location can provide.

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