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By David E. Shi, George Brown Tindall

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The prime narrative heritage that scholars like to learn, in a extra concise format.

With greater than million copies offered, America is still the prime narrative background survey textual content simply because it’s a e-book that scholars take pleasure in studying. The 10th variation is either extra suitable, supplying elevated awareness to the tradition of daily life, and extra available, that includes a discounted variety of chapters and a streamlined narrative all through. The short variation is 20 percentage shorter in overall pages than its mum or dad complete variation.

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Like most Mesoamericans, the Aztecs regularly offered human sacrifices—captives, slaves, women, and children—to please the gods and to promote rain, enable good harvests, and ensure victory in battle. The Aztecs also used the religious obligation to offer sacrifices as a means of justifying their relentless imperial assaults against other tribes. Prisoners of war in vast numbers were needed as sacrificial offerings. In elaborate weekly rituals at temples and in the streets, Aztec priests used stone knives to cut out the beating hearts of live victims.

All of them practiced agriculture to some extent, and they frequently used canoes hollowed out of trees (“dugouts”) to navigate rivers and lakes. Most Algonquians lived in small round shelters called wigwams. Their villages typically ranged from 500 to 2,000 inhabitants. West and south of the Algonquians were the Iroquoian-speaking tribes (including the Seneca, Onondaga, Mohawk, Oneida, and Cayuga, and the Cherokee and Tuscarora in the South), whose lands spread from upstate New York south through Pennsylvania and into the upland regions of the Carolinas and Georgia.

In turn, merchants and university-trained professionals supplied the monarchs with money, lawyers, and government officials. The Crusaders—European armies sent between 1095 and 1270 to conquer the Muslim-controlled Holy Land—had also advanced the process of international trade and exploration. The Crusades had brought Europe into contact with the Middle East and had decimated the ranks of the feudal lords, many of whom were killed while fighting Muslims. And new means of warfare—the use of gunpowder and royal armies— further weakened the independence of the nobility relative to the monarchs.

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