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Figure 3-1 Quirkian scalar system. According to their system, ‘‘maximizers’’ can denote the upper extreme on the scale, and ‘‘boosters’’ denote a high degree, a high point on the scale. ‘‘Approximators’’ serve to indicate that the item which the degree modifier applies to express more than is relevant. ‘‘Compromizers’’ have only a slightly lowering effect and tend to call in question the appropriateness of the item concerned. ‘‘Diminishers’’ scale downwards and roughly mean ‘‘to a small extent’’.

Bolinger states ‘‘I use the term intensifier for any device that scales a quality, whether up or down or somewhere between the two’’ (1972, 17). The use of ‘‘any device’’ in Bolinger’s definition draws attention to the fact that apart from lexical means of intensification, there are also syntactic and prosodic means. For instance, repetition is used to strengthen the force of an expression. Terribly, terribly difficult is more difficult than just terribly difficult (Paradis 1997, 10). g. Was I pleased or was I?

Various terms are encountered in the literature. The difficulties associated with labelling of these items are due to the complexity and fuzziness that characterize them (Paradis 1997). Halliday (1985, 27) points out that ‘‘there are in principle two significant ways of labelling a linguistic unit. One is to assign it to a morphological class; the other is to assign function to it’’. From the standpoint of formal class, degree modifiers are not easily definable. They exhibit various forms, for example, while completely is an adverb derived from an adjective, quite is clearly non-derived, at least from a synchronic point of view, and as has already been stated, there are phrasal items and even single word items other than adverbs which can denote the degree, proportion, or extent of some property of the words they apply to.

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