A-26 Invader Units of World War 2 (Combat Aircraft 82) - download pdf or read online

By Jim Roeder, Janusz Swiatlon (Artworks by)

ISBN-10: 1846034310

ISBN-13: 9781846034312

ISBN-10: 1849081301

ISBN-13: 9781849081306

Osprey's research of the A-26 Invader devices' participation in global warfare II (1939-1945). Designed to mix the bombing power of the B-26 Marauder with the flexibility of the ground-attack A-20 Havoc, the A-26 Invader could develop into the USAAF's assault bomber par excellence. able to flying low-level strafing or traditional bombing missions by means of easily altering the nostril configuration of the airplane, the Invader first observed motion in 1943 within the Pacific Theater attacking Japanese-held islands. Arriving in Europe a number of months later, the A-26 served with contrast for the rest of global conflict II. in reality, the layout proved such a success that it's going to move directly to fly strive against missions for one more 20 years. Written through army aviation specialist Jerry Scutts and illustrated with brand-new colour profiles and infrequent images, this is often the 1st publication to concentration solely at the A-26's missions in global battle II.

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Then 1 tried all emergency channels without success. Sgt Raccio then used the fire extinguisher in the pilot's comparrment on the fire but ould do no more than slow it down temporarily. '''As the bomb-bay tank was full of gas, 1 didn't think there was too much danger of an explosion from the vapour, so 1 decided to stay with the Right back to our base or unril I saw a field. After about 30 minutes [ saw our field, so I peeled off and called in for an emergency landing. I could hear 'Boat Deck' control very faintly but could not understand them.

Crew flying the second mission headed for the sourheasrern di persal area of Kanoya airfield, which was also complerely obscured by rhe overcasr. J f- a... « :r: u A close-up view of 5-in HVARs (High Velocity Aircraft Rocketsl mounted beneath the outer wing of a 319th BG A-26B-50-DL. Typically, seven rockets would be carried under each wing, in addition to bombs that were always carried in the bombbay. This aircraft was assigned to the 438th BS 84 up to 11,300 fi:, wirh unknown resulrs. Flak was reporred as being very weak.

The othing happened, so I opened the doors in the normal manner and tried cc 416th's combat histOry noted that 'Lt D A Fero had a harrowing cc ::> u... UJ to punch the bombs out - this time the arming switch was in neutral. l- experience on this mission. He received hits in the leFt engine coming in "'By that time we were at about 3500 Ft indicated and my rate of descent « to the target. At the ame time his right engine began to leak oil. He had decreased to 1600 Ft per minute. The gunner tried unsuccessFully to u salvoed his bombs and headed For Friendly territOry.

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